2016 Woodchip exports up more than 17%

In March 7, 2017

Officially, Australia’s woodchip exports totalled 6,348,907 bdmt for the year-ended December 2016, up more than 9.0% on the year ended December 2015. We say ‘more than’, because since March 2016, no details have been formally available for softwood chip export volumes.

However, using vessel tracking and country of delivery data, our estimate is that an additional 469,900 bdmt of softwood chips was exported.

That means, unofficially, Australia’s total woodchip exports for the year-ended December 2016 were 6,818,800 bdmt, 17.1% higher than for the year-ended December 2015. This volume equates to something close to 13.5 million green metric tonnes of wood being exported as woodchips.

The first chart shows total Australian woodchip exports, including the estimate for January and the projection for February as well as the 12-month average. Since March, Softwood chip exports have been estimated, based on vessel tracking.

The second chart shows Australia’s monthly deliveries of hardwood chips by country, to the end of January 2017.

In December 2016, deliveries to China of 372,135 bdmt were more than triple those into Japan, which totalled 114,421 bdmt. Deliveries to Taiwan are typically reported later than other countries and are not yet up to date for December. Shipments to Korea and India remain sporadic.

Softwood chip deliveries totalled 70,769 bdmt in December, delivered to three ports in Japan (43,283 bdmt) and China (27,486 bdmt).

Because Softwood chip export data is no longer available, it is relevant to record the delivery volumes in more detail. The table below shows Australia’s softwood chip deliveries, by country, for the last three months.

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