202 firms given timber export licences

In February 6, 2017

The Customs Department says 202 companies have been officially permitted during this fiscal year to export more than 190,000 tonnes of timber products

Deputy Director General San Lwin said the companies exported 197,512 tonnes of timber products this fiscal year.

The exporters need official permission from the Forestry Department to export wood products that are required to be in a state of “nearly finished” furniture at least.

Myanmar stopped exporting timber logs in 2014 and the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry is working with the Customs Department to control timber exports, said officials.

Illegal logs were recently found in 11 containers waiting at Yangon’s central port to be shipped overseas. The Customs Department under the Ministry of Planning and Finance held a press conference on the seizure of illegal timber at its office in Yangon.

San Lwin said: “Loading and unloading of materials at the port requires the permission of the Customs Department. The minister will take stern action against officials and agents who break the law.”

The Customs Department said it seized 33 tonnes of teak and about 140 tonnes of padauk at the port this month.

Myanmar earned US$299 million from timber exports in 2015-16, said general manager Aye Cho Thaung from the Myanma Timber Enterprise.


202 firms given timber export licences Writer: EMG reporter.  [] Available from <http://elevenmyanmar.com/business/7622>