A Better Measure of Forest Harvest Units

In July 11, 2017

A significant challenge faced by forest harvest planners, is predicting what will be harvested from a stand of timber.  Conventional methods can make a reasonable stab at estimating total volume but typically do a poor job of breaking this down by product.  This is in part due to relatively low sample intensities within what is usually a highly variable forest.   While I was at the Elmia Wood Fair in Sweden last month I learned that Treemetrics has developed a solution to this challenge.

While at the forestry fair I had the chance to talk to Enda Keane of Treemetrics about the measurement and planning challenge faced by forest managers.  With the introduction of their software solution “Forest HQ” and data provided from Terrestrial LiDAR, Remote Sensing, and live information from harvest machines they have a solution that allows harvest managers to finally solve this challenge.   Enda does a great job of describing the challenge and Treemetrics solution in this article:  http://www.treemetrics.com/news/challenging-flaw-averages/

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