ForestryConnect – like many other digital platforms was born out of frustration of not being able to find the latest industry news, technology, jobs and tenders specific to the forestry industry on a global scale. The team behind ForestryConnect has combined their years of experience of corporate software building and development with real Forestry Industry experience, so they understand what people want in the industry and specifically in the digital space.

ForestryConnect – We live in an always ‘on’ world – so being connected to friends, work colleagues and or business opportunities is very important. At ForestryConnect we recognise the importance of being connected and utilize unique and powerful cloud based software that drives our technology services and applications plugged into a large network connected through social media platforms and our own database reach.

Our Team


Nick Reynish

Editor & Sales Manager

Francis Weston

Digital Solutions Manager

Julian Cassin

Head of Development

Chonette Villa

Media Support Manager


Tim Woods

Tim has 25 years expertise in the fibre, wood products and pulp and paper industries. He has a solid background in research, policy, strategy and project management.

Tim leads IndustryEdge assignments, in conjunction with data analysts and consultants and associates in Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney and internationally. He is contributing editor of Pulp & Paper Edge and Wood Market Edge.

In a diverse career that includes a period as Chairman of an industry superannuation fund, he has established a wide ranging, information and data focussed expertise that he applies to client needs. Tim has experience in the Asia Pacific region, especially South East Asia.

Brian Saunders

The majority of Brian’s 30 year career has been as a Forester on Canada’s West Coast. While most of this time has been spent on Vancouver Island he was also blessed with 6 years on the beautiful islands of Haida Gwaii, where he and his family had many fabulous adventures.

Brian continues to work regularly in the field as a consulting forester.

Outside of the world of forestry, he is an avid trail runner and alpine skier where he puts the packs through their paces determining their suitability for recreational activities. These are hardworking packs. Ask Brian about the time he ran with 10lbs of rocks in the pack, just to further prove their comfortableness in extreme situations.

Matthew Doig

Matthew has 20 years’ experience developing people within large and small organisations. He has a particular interest in the professional development of staff working to improve their interpersonal and conflict management skills.

Prior to his consulting activities, Matthew worked within the Department of Defence managing major purchasing projects and providing training support to a range of Defence personnel. Matthew also has experience working within the retail/hospitality industry. This involved work at a trail riding farm and within the liquor retailing area.

Matthew has a Bachelor of Arts from Monash University, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Science from the University of Melbourne, a Diploma in Management and Human Resources and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.  He is a professional member of The Australian Human Resources Institute and The Institute of Learning Practitioners.