Australia’s demand for paper and paperboard down 4.4% over last year

In October 17, 2017

Driven lower by a plunge in consumption of Newsprint and progressively lower demand for other Printing & Communication papers, Australia’s total demand for paper and paperboard fell 4.4% in the 2016-17 financial year. In volume terms, the decline was more than 143,000 tonnes.

Stable growth in Tissue demand was joined by the stability of the Packaging & Industrial paper market – especially corrugated boxes – to limit the fall in demand.

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In total, exports rose 5.7% compared with the previous year, while imports fell a significant 8.8% over the same period. Production rose 2.0%, achieving a new record, despite the fall in local demand.

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Despite production in all other sectors declining (Newsprint, Printing & Communication and Tissue), total Australian production rose 2.0%, to a new record of 3,185,00 tonnes. The aggregate rise of 65,000 tonnes was delivered entirely by 1.4% growth in Packaging & Industrial paper production.

Imports slumped 8.8% as printing and communication paper imports plummet

Imports to Australia plunged in 2016-17, declining 8.8% in total, compared with the prior year. But not all grades experienced declines. Newsprint imports fell 12.9% and Printing & Communication papers experienced a 3.9% decline compared with the prior year.

Offsetting these declines, to some extent, were rising tissue imports (up 3.9%) and a small (0.8%) increase in Packaging & Industrial paper imports. The big trade news for the year was the massive decline in imports of copy paper.

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