DJI Matrice 200 Series – A serious commercial UAV

In March 7, 2017

Recently I decided to venture into the world of commercial UAVs (Drones) by taking InDro Robotics “Compliant UAV Pilot” course.  During the course DJI announced the release of the new Matrice 200.  This generated some discussion regarding the benefits of this new UAV.  After the course finished a quick look on the web indicated that there is plenty of interest in DJI’s latest offering.

The Matrice 200 has many features that will make it well suited to the demands of Commercial, Emergency Services and other applications that require a reliable and durable UAV.  The addition, of heated batteries, as well as protection from grit and rain will significantly expand the environmental conditions that this UAV can operate within.   The highlights the Matrice 200 Series include:

  • Folding design for easy transport and storage
  • A maximum payload of 2.34 KG (varies with options selected)
  • Ability to operate in winds up to 36 Km/hour
  • Operating temperature of -20° to 45° C (-4° to 113° F)
  • Collision Avoidance systems via vision systems
  • Manned aircraft avoidance system for aircraft broadcasting ADS-B position data. (The ADS-B is helpful but not all aircraft broadcast their position with this system so it is of questionable value.)
  • An Ingress Protection Rating of 43 (IP43). Essentially this means protection from 1mm or larger grit and light rain.  Learn more about IP ratings here:
  • A variety of cameras that may be mounted above or below the UAV.
  • Separate controls for the UAV and cameras. This is great for inspection work in challenging conditions as the pilot can leave the operation of the camera to a colleague.
  • High accuracy RTK GPS (Real Time Kinematic GPS) that provides centimeter level position accuracy.

This new DJI UAV could be a game changer for work that requires the ability to reliably operate in a wide range of environmental conditions.  You can learn more about the Matrice 200 series by visiting the DJI website.  I also found these posts to be valuable:

This video from DJI is also worth watching:

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