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In June 13, 2017

The Swedish really know how to put on a show, they don’t do things by halves. On a forest site to the south of Jönköping in Sweden from the 7th – 10th June (last week) were 555 exhibitors from 28 countries of which 200 where there for the first time to show off their latest wares. To add to this impressive list there were over 200 accredited journalists form 24 countries, 7 kilometres of forest trails, 85,000 square meters of stand space and 131,000 square meters of demo areas where machine operators were able to display their company’s latest innovations.

After weeks of planning the reality of it all sunk in when we touched down at Arlanda Air Port, Stockholm after our long-haul flight from Melbourne, Australia on the 5th June. Travelling to the other side of the world for a forestry fair had not even entered my mind only 6 months earlier when we made the decision to make the journey to Sweden. Years earlier I had heard colleagues talk about how big the expo was and how much technology, products and heavy machinery was to see, but found it hard to picture it for real and imagine how we could get there.

Arriving with low expectations was a good mindset to have as that was quickly extinguished by the sheer volume of foot traffic going past our site and serious customers entering to find out more about what we offered. As CEO of TreeMetrics Enda Keane from Ireland said, one of the most important takeaways from the fair was the new connections he had made with other exhibitor’s and the potential business he could see being generated from those conversations.

ForestryConnect’s latest product combination of Tablet-Ex-Gear chest packs and Quick IMS™ mobile app reporting system, is changing the way forestry people do business in the field. Tablet-Ex-Gear’s newest edition to it’s family, the Ruxton Pack, caught many peoples eye as they wandered past our stand. Tablet computer use in the field has now become almost a standard issue for most professionals collecting data, mapping and ensuring they are compliant using form based software. Quick IMS™ software does exactly that, it empowers the user, whether they are contractors, employees or managers in the office by giving them access to forms offline to collect and report information remotely to ensure their business is compliant. It is quick to build a form, sync it to the server which then allows the user in the field to receive the form remotely and report incidents, assessments, tool box talks and many, many more form based reports. It saves time, creates inefficiencies, removes the paper trail and gives the users peace of mind their data is safe and secure. The combination of the chest pack and app software has really impressed people, giving them comforts not knowing existed, plus ergonomics, safety and security whilst working in the forest.

By Nick Reynish – Founder & Director at ForestryConnect

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