iFOVEA – Log Volume Measurement Application

In June 27, 2017

While at Elmia Wood 2017 I met Manfred Ide, Managing Director of Fovea.  Manfred introduced me to Fovea’s application (Android and Apple devices) that can determine the number of logs and total volume of a log pile.  I have reviewed other similar apps previously but what makes this one stand out is that it does not require an Internet connection and the reporting is very slick!

To capture information regarding the total volume and number of logs in a pile there are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Capture a series of overlapping photos of the cut ends of the logs. The photos must be the same distance from the logs and perpendicular to the pile.
  2. Record log pile ID. GPS location is captured in the background and recorded on the image as text and as a field in the database.
  3. Wait about 90 seconds for the app to stitch the photos together.
  4. Give the composite image scale by recording a known distance. Normally this would be the total width of the pile.
  5. Manually add or delete logs and adjust the size of any of the circles that represents the log diameters.
  6. Record the average log length.

Each log pile can be assigned a unique ID.  In addition, the GPS coordinates are recorded for each log pile.  Information regarding the contractor that produced the logs can be recorded and customer information can also be captured.

This app can count the number of logs in a pile far quicker and more accurately than I can.  In addition, the app can also provide an accurate estimate of volume provided the logs are all the same length.  Also, when calculating the log volume it is assumed that the large ends are oriented randomly – an equal number are oriented towards the camera and on the opposite side of the pile.  This system will work well with cut to length systems.

In addition to providing a great application for both Apple and Android mobile devices, Fovea provides a web application that these devices sync to.  The data can then be managed and summarized with the web application.  The reports available from the web application contain a lot of details regarding the log deck and are very professional in appearance.   One of the best features is the ability to display the locations of all log piles measured on a map.  These can be selected and the details regarding the measurements can be viewed.

This is a very impressive system for quickly determining log volumes in the field.  Measurements can also be made of wood loaded on trucks.  If you would like to learn more please visit Fovea’s site: http://www.fovea.eu/englisch/produkte-engl.html

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