Imports of printing papers on the ropes

In December 12, 2017

Australia’s imports of Printing & Communication papers, including copy paper, continue to decline, because of both improved conditions for domestic producers and falling total demand.

Printing and Communication paper imports totalled 170.4 kt in SQ’17, their third lowest quarterly volume on record, with the two lower quarters being the adjacent JQ’17 and the almost adjacent DQ’16. Compared with SQ’16, imports were down a significant 17.0%.

On a year-end basis however, Printing & Communication paper imports have never been lower. They totalled 690.9 kt for the year-ended September, down 15.0% on the year-ended September 2016.

The table below demonstrates that while no grade performed especially well over the last year, two grades in particular delivered the bulk of the decline – Uncoated Woodfree (including Cut Reams) and Light-Weight Coated (LWC) mechanicals.

Over the last year, imports of UCWF were impacted – as outlined in recent editions of Pulp & Paper Edge – by both an anti-dumping case and a major de-stocking event.

Anywhere you look, the last year has seen carnage in the import trade of Printing & Communication papers.

For those supplying wood fibre for the manufacture of paper, despite the boom right now, it is important to note that paper demand continues to decline.

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