Timber manufacturer launches waste wood venture

In November 12, 2017

A Hull-headquartered timber business is turning waste wood sourced from Scandinavia, The Baltics, Scotland and Ireland into a new business venture.

Stoneferry-based WJ Group was established ten years ago by managing director Mark Eggleston and initially supplied roof trusses to the caravan industry before expanding into other timber products, including decking.

The business is now using the offcuts from its production processes to create kindling to sell directly to the public and via local outlets such as farm shops and garden centres.

The business has also recently launched its new DeckWright product, which prevents decking becoming slippery.

Eggleston said: “We have invested in a machine which chops up our waste wood to make kindling and puts it into nets to sell.

“Wood burning stoves are becoming increasingly popular and real fires are also making a return to our homes so we’re delighted to be able offer this product to our customers just as winter arrives.”

He added: “Not only is this the time of year when people are going to be buying kindling but it’s also when decking is repeatedly becoming dangerously wet and slippery.

“Although the two products are very different, customers who come to us to buy kindling who may not be aware that there is a solution to slippery decking will be able to find out about DeckWright when they visit us.”

Timber manufacturer launches waste wood venture by Joshua Hammond     Digital Staff Writer.  Available from <https://www.insidermedia.com/insider/yorkshire/timber-manufacturer-launches-waste-wood-venture> [Oct 30, 2017].  Photo Article Source